Sunday, April 19, 2009

If I were curator

I think that time lines should be more fully integrated into the exhibition and that the presentation of past, present and future of each site should not be so starkly separated. Therefore, a good start would be placing the time lines either on top or below our streetscapes in order to make visual connections between events on the time line/buildings mentioned on the time line and elements on the streetscape (I think the streetscapes in one form or another, are a strong element to retain). This way, making visual connections to and from the streetscape would be much easier than in the previous scheme. In the previous incarnation of the exhibition, the timelines were placed on the columns (kiosks), which were too divorced from the actual streetscapes, and better used as keys to maps (as discussed by the jury).

There was discussion of coordinating the format of the timelines (the look as well as the content. I think each timeline should be specific. Each timeline will be illustrated by the the streetscape element to which it refers, but could also have a historical image placed in the middle of the “link” as well (similar to the image on Andrews blog but in a different format: see :

I am in agreement with one of the jurors who said that we have a lot of good material, but that it has to be spread out among the presentation of the different sites. The same methods can not be used for the presentation of each of the sites.

For the presentation of Atlantic Yards and BAM Cultural District, whose presentation can not be as orthogonally linear as Fulton Mall, I propose focusing on the voids or the difference of those particular sites for their presentation, rather than trying to make them something they are not. Like Mary Ellen’s original idea for Atlantic Yards, with her “Look Up” campaign, the wall space for Atlantic Yards could focus on both the present and the future at the same time by focusing on the very tops of buildings but mostly on the open sky/open space at the sight—therefore, commenting on current conditions (void), future conditions (void, if the depression continues) and air rights/sky is the limit development possibilities. This could easily be combined with the blue wall idea.

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